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DIGITAL 2020 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

We Are Social's Digital 2020: Vietnam report records significant changes, revealing the strong growth of e-commerce, the popularity of smart devices, and especially the rise in awareness of internet users about data, privacy, and social channels.

DIGITAL 2019 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

The Digital Vietnam Report 2019 provides objective data and analysis on the development of Vietnam's online advertising market over the past year. Read the article below for detailed information about digital in Vietnam in 2019.

DIGITAL 2018 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

Digital Report 2018 brings a lot of exciting and valuable information. The reports can be divided into three main sections, internet users, mobile users, and social network users in Vietnam. Read more of the Digital Report below.

DIGITAL 2017 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

The Digital 2017: Vietnam provided a lot of helpful information about the digital transformation in Vietnam. Download the full report or read the article to see more about the digital changes and how they affect Vietnamese life.

DIGITAL 2016 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

Digital 2016: Vietnam brings detailed information about the change in customers' behaviors and internet users in Vietnam. The report also reveals a lot of interesting information about social media users, the development of eCommerce, and more.

DIGITAL 2015 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

The Vietnam Digital 2015 report published by WeAreSocial provides an overview of Digital Vietnam with helpful information. The following article will review the changes of Vietnamese digital in 2015.

DIGITAL 2014 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

Digital Report in Vietnam in 2014 provides an overview of digital in Vietnam with in-depth analytics about internet users, mobile connections, and social media users' activities. Take a look at the article below for more detailed information.

DIGITAL 2012 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

The Digital Report 2012 gives us many helpful data about the Vietnam population and the advertising industry in Vietnam. Let's take a look at the Digital Marketing Report 2012 in the detailed article below.

DIGITAL 2011 : Viet Nam

28 Jun, 2021

Digital Report in Vietnam in 2011 brings useful information about how internet integration can affect the Vietnamese netizen. Let's explore what digital marketing looked like in Vietnam in 2011 in the article below.

Vietnam Cosmetic Trends Report 2020 by Q&Me : Viet Nam

06 May, 2020

The cosmetic market has grown steadily by the limitless diversity of consumer aspirations and by innovation.