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Tourism in Vietnam 2020 - 2021 : Viet Nam

28 Mar, 2022

The Tourism in Vietnam Report from Statista provides an overview of the tourism market in Asia in general and Vietnam in particular through detailed data.

Mobile apps in Vietnam Report : Viet Nam

16 Feb, 2022

The report gives a detailed analysis of the smart mobile retail market according to many criteria, behaviors, and habits of using mobile applications e-commerce applications. See details of the analysis below or download the report here!

Ride-hailing market in Vietnam Report 2020-2021 : Viet Nam

16 Feb, 2022

The Ride-hailing marketing in Vietnam report from Statista gives an overview of the market and the current situation of the motorbike taxi market in Vietnam. Download the full report or read our article below.

Cosmetics market in Vietnam Report 2018 - 2020 : Viet Nam

16 Feb, 2022

Digital marketing and social media development have significantly impacted the adoption of beauty trends by Vietnamese people globally. Find more interesting information about the cosmetic market in Vietnam and the opportunities for cosmetic brands.

Vietnam Internet Usage Report 2020-2025 : Viet Nam

16 Feb, 2022

The report brings an overview of the internet market in Vietnam include with the latest figures and trends you need to understand. Read our analytics in the article below or free download the full report.

Vietnam E-wallet Report And Prediction 2017-2025 : Viet Nam

15 Feb, 2022

The development of Fintech in Vietnam has grown stronger than ever under the effects of the pandemic. Find more interesting data about the E-wallet market in Vietnam in the article below.

Vietnam Fintech Report In 2021 : Viet Nam

31 Dec, 2021

This report will bring you an overview of the Fintech Industry in Vietnam and what your businesses can benefit from it. Download the Fintech report here or read our analysis article below.

Summary of Vietnam Digital Advertising 2018-2022 : Viet Nam

31 Dec, 2021

The recent report from Statista in 2018 brings us in-depth information about the digital marketing industry in Vietnam. Please read our report analytic or download the full report here.

Insurance in Vietnam Report: 2020- 2021 : Viet Nam

31 Dec, 2021

Vietnam's insurance market is considered potential, with the GDP value of the financial, banking, and insurance sector constantly increasing from 2015 to 2020. Find out more about the insurance market in Vietnam from 2015 - 2020 in the report.

Ho Chi Minh 2021 Report: Impact of COVID-19 on Economic & Social : Viet Nam

30 Oct, 2021

Ho Chi Minh City 2021 Report from Statista brings comprehensive and up-to-date essential data, including the society, economy, operational environment, and charisma.