Sports and fitness in Vietnam Report

Sports and fitness in Vietnam Report : Viet Nam

29 Mar, 2022

The Sports and fitness in Vietnam report from Statista show us how Vietnam's sports and fitness have changed recently. Download the report to see detailed research data.

Sports and fitness in Vietnam Report
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The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic shows the critical role the sport and fitness industry plays while promoting this industry to grow after social distancing. As the health consciousness of the Vietnamese community increases significantly along with the issue of improving health when the COVID-19 pandemic is still threatening will create momentum for the fitness and health industry to change. The Sports and fitness in Vietnam report from Statista show us how Vietnam's sports and fitness have changed recently.


Exercise has become an essential part of many people's daily lives. With the development of the economy, exercise has become one of the expenditures and investments with many benefits that it brings from physical to mental. 


According to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, the GDP value of the arts, entertainment, and recreation sector in 2020 reached 35.57 trillion VND, contributing 0.57% to the country's GDP.

The survey was conducted in December 2020 to understand more about the exercise behavior of Vietnamese people, with the survey number of 600 people 18 years and older. 44% of respondents exercise a lot/very often/moderately/reasonably often, and 19% of respondents very little/occasionally/never exercise. 


Q&Me conducted another survey in May 2021 to understand more about the spending on exercises among Vietnamese people, with a survey number of 1,406 people. As for spending on exercise, 72% of people surveyed pay the cost while 28% are those who practice for free. 32% pay less than 300,000 VND/month, 26% pay from over 300,000 VND to 500,000 VND/month, 7% pay from 500,000 to 700,000 VND/month and 6% pay more than 700,000 VND/month.

Sport and fitness training


Three popular exercises are gymnastics, sports, and martial arts. Fitness is the most popular form accounting for 85% of respondents, sports accounting for 37%, and martial arts accounting for 11%. In the most popular fitness exercises, the number of people walking accounted for 66%, jogging 61%, cycling 38%, bodybuilding 33%, and other outdoor activities accounted for 28%. Meanwhile, the most popular sports include soccer (56%), badminton 53%, volleyball 37%, swimming 34% and other sports 23%. Martial arts are popular, with Taekwondo accounting for 33%, Karate for 33%, Boxing for 25%, Vovina for 24%, and Muay Thai for 21%.


48% of people's surveys reveal they exercise because they need to strengthen their bones, 43% want to reduce stress, the number of people exercising to lose weight, improve sleep and life quality is equal at 40%, etc.

Health and fitness clubs

For the most popular fitness locations, up to 46% of the people surveyed answered that it was in the public area (park, etc.), local gyms accounted for 33%, in addition, the sports center/community room accounted for 7%, gym chains accounted for 6%, classrooms/special gyms accounted for 3% and guest places accounted for 4%.


The leading fitness gyms brands in Vietnam 2021 by number of studios are California Fitness & Yoga (36%), Curves (27%); Olympia Viet Nam (15%); Elite Fitness (14%); City Gym (7%); Fit24 - Fit for life) (5%), Body fit (3%); Gym Newlife (2%); MMA Gym (2%) and V-shape Gym accounted for 2%. 

Online sports and fitness

Thanks to the Internet, Vietnamese people can actively learn about the sports and fitness they are interested in. 


For the most popular sport and fitness content online, according to the survey results, 57% of Vietnamese watch everyday workout lessons; Coaching for specific parts of the body and healthy diet content are equally with 44% shared by respondents; etc. YouTube is the most-watched platform accounting for 78% share of respondents, followed by Facebook (40%), Health and fitness TV programs (29%), Online news/magazines (23%), Specialized websites for courses and lessons account for 18%.


With the help of wearables, modern equipment, and online instruction, home exercise will thrive even when the epidemic is under control. Vietnamese people get used to and use smartwatches to practice sports and monitor their health. According to a survey in August 2019 about the ownership of wearable tech among Vietnamese people, with the survey number of 3066 people, 53% do not own a wearable, 28% have a smartwatch, 11% have a fitness/activity tracker, and 8% have both smartwatch and fitness/activity tracker. 


The most common uses for wearable tech in Vietnam are to monitor fitness activities (56%); Monitor sleep cycle and set an alarm accordingly (40%); play music (32%); make calls (31%); Receive and reply to short text messages (28%); Control and manage other connected devices (27%); etc.

Food and nutrition trends


About non-exercise actions to improve physical conditions among people in Vietnam, 60% of respondents tend to eat a healthy diet, 54% drink more water and fewer sugary drinks, 51% sleep early, 48% pay attention to food nutrition, 46% maintain a healthy weight, etc. Soya-based is the primary nutrition drink that gained 83% of the share of plant-based nutrition drinks in Vietnam as of the 3rd quarter of 2020; others include rice base (6%) and other nuts bases (11%).


Sports are an essential part of the daily life of Vietnamese people. Currently, people are increasingly interested in physical and mental benefits, so health and sports are one of the items that people invest in. To see detailed research data, you can download the full report here. For more information, don't hesitate to get in touch with email or phone (+84) 888 239 444.